MJE520 Bipolar Transistor

Characteristics of MJE520 Transistor

  • Type: NPN
  • Collector-Emitter Voltage, max: 30 V
  • Collector-Base Voltage, max: 30 V
  • Emitter-Base Voltage, max: 4 V
  • Collector Current − Continuous, max: 3 A
  • Collector Dissipation: 25 W
  • DC Current Gain (hfe): 25
  • Operating and Storage Junction Temperature Range: -65 to +150 °C
  • Package: TO-126

Pinout of MJE520

Here is an image showing the pin diagram of this transistor.

Complementary PNP transistor

The complementary PNP transistor to the MJE520 is the MJE370.

SMD Version of MJE520 transistor

The 2STR1230 (SOT-23), KTC4375 (SOT-89), KTC4375O (SOT-89) and KTC4375Y (SOT-89) is the SMD version of the MJE520 transistor. These transistors are of the same type, have similar parameters and are designed for surface mounting.

Replacement and Equivalent for MJE520 transistor

You can replace the MJE520 with the 2N4921, 2N4921G, 2N4922, 2N4922G, 2N5190, 2N5190G, 2N5191, 2N5191G, 2N6037, 2N6037G, 2N6038, 2N6038G, 2SC2270, 2SC2270-A, 2SC2270-B, 2SC2270-C, 2SC2877, 2SC2877-O, 2SC2877-Y, 2SC3420, 2SC3420-BL, 2SC3420-GL, 2SC3420-Y, 2SC3422, 2SC3422-O, 2SC3422-Y, 2SC3786, 2SC6101, 2SC6102, 2SD1348, 2SD1348-R, 2SD1348-S, 2SD1348-T, 2SD1348-U, 2SD1683, 2SD1683-R, 2SD1683-S, 2SD1683-T, 2SD1683-U, 2SD1722, 2SD1722-Q, 2SD1722-R, 2SD1722-R, 2SD1722-S, 2SD1723, 2SD1723-Q, 2SD1723-R, 2SD1723-R, 2SD1723-S, 2SD793, 2SD793-P, 2SD793-Q, 2SD793-R, 2SD794, 2SD794-O, 2SD794-R, 2SD794-Y, 2SD794A, 2SD794A-O, 2SD794A-R, 2SD794A-Y, 2SD882, 2SD882E, 2SD882GR, 2SD882O, 2SD882P, 2SD882Q, 2SD882R, 2SD882Y, BD175, BD175-10, BD175-16, BD175-6, BD177, BD177-10, BD177-6, BD185, BD187, BD189, BD435, BD435G, BD437, BD437G, BD439, BD439G, BD675, BD675A, BD675AG, BD675G, BD677, BD677A, BD677AG, BD677G, BD775, BD777, BD785, BD787, BD787G, BDX35, BDX36, KSD794, KSD794-O, KSD794-R, KSD794-Y, KSD794A, KSD794A-O, KSD794A-R, KSD794A-Y, KSD882, KSD882-G, KSD882-O, KSD882-R, KSD882-Y, KSE180, KSE181, KSE800, KSE801, KSH882, KSH882-G, KSH882-O, KSH882-R, KSH882-Y, KTC2804, KTC2804-O, KTC2804-Y, KTD882, KTD882-GR, KTD882-O, KTD882-Y, MJE180, MJE180G, MJE181, MJE181G, MJE220, MJE221, MJE222, MJE223, MJE224, MJE225, MJE800, MJE800G, MJE801 or MJE801G.
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