2SC4242 Bipolar Transistor

Characteristics of 2SC4242 Transistor

  • Type: NPN
  • Collector-Emitter Voltage, max: 400 V
  • Collector-Base Voltage, max: 450 V
  • Emitter-Base Voltage, max: 8 V
  • Collector Current − Continuous, max: 7 A
  • Collector Dissipation: 40 W
  • DC Current Gain (hfe): 10
  • Operating and Storage Junction Temperature Range: -55 to +150 °C
  • Package: TO-220

Pinout of 2SC4242

Here is an image showing the pin diagram of this transistor.


Sometimes the "2S" prefix is not marked on the package - the 2SC4242 might only be marked "C4242".

Replacement and Equivalent for 2SC4242 transistor

You can replace the 2SC4242 with the 2N6740, 2SC2335, 2SC2335-K, 2SC2335-L, 2SC2335-M, 2SC2898, 2SC3039, 2SC3039-L, 2SC3039-M, 2SC3039-N, 2SC3057, 2SC3832, 2SC4106, 2SC4106L, 2SC4106M, 2SC4106N, 2SC4107, 2SC4107-L, 2SC4107-M, 2SC4107-N, 2SC4108, 2SC4108-L, 2SC4108-M, 2SC4108-N, 2SC4161, 2SC4161-L, 2SC4161-M, 2SC4161-N, 2SC4162, 2SC4162-L, 2SC4162-M, 2SC4162-N, 2SC4163, 2SC4163-L, 2SC4163-M, 2SC4163-N, 2SC4164, 2SC4164-L, 2SC4164-M, 2SC4164-N, FJP13007H1, FJP13007H2, FJP13009H2, KSC2335, KSC2335-O, KSC2335-R, KSC2335-Y, KSE13007FH1, KSE13007FH2, KSE13007H1, KSE13007H2, KSE13009H2, MJE18008, MJE18008G, MJE5742, MJF18008, MJF18008G, STD13007, STD13007-A, STD13007-B, STD13007FC, STD13007FC-A, STD13007FC-B, STD13007P, STD13007P-A, STD13007P-B or TIP152.
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