2SD837A-Q Bipolar Transistor

Characteristics of 2SD837A-Q Transistor

  • Type: NPN
  • Collector-Emitter Voltage, max: 80 V
  • Collector-Base Voltage, max: 80 V
  • Emitter-Base Voltage, max: 5 V
  • Collector Current − Continuous, max: 4 A
  • Collector Dissipation: 40 W
  • DC Current Gain (hfe): 2000 to 5000
  • Operating and Storage Junction Temperature Range: -55 to +150 °C
  • Package: TO-220

Pinout of 2SD837A-Q

Here is an image showing the pin diagram of this transistor.

Classification of hFE

The 2SD837A-Q transistor can have a current gain of 2000 to 5000. The gain of the 2SD837A will be in the range from 1000 to 10000, for the 2SD837A-P it will be in the range from 4000 to 10000, for the 2SD837A-R it will be in the range from 1000 to 2500.


Sometimes the "2S" prefix is not marked on the package - the 2SD837A-Q might only be marked "D837A-Q".

Complementary PNP transistor

The complementary PNP transistor to the 2SD837A-Q is the 2SB751A-Q.

Replacement and Equivalent for 2SD837A-Q transistor

You can replace the 2SD837A-Q with the 2N6044, 2N6044G, 2N6045, 2N6045G, 2N6388, 2N6388G, 2N6530, 2N6531, 2N6532, 2N6533, 2SC1986, 2SC2075, 2SC2316, 2SD1195, 2SD1196, 2SD1274, 2SD1274A, 2SD1274B, 2SD1276A, 2SD1276A-Q, 2SD1277A, 2SD1277A-Q, 2SD1414, 2SD1415, 2SD1415A, 2SD1829, 2SD1830, 2SD2241, 2SD560, 2SD560-MB, 2SD633, 2SD634, 2SD772, 2SD792, 2SD823, BD243B, BD243C, BD537, BD539B, BD539C, BD539D, BD543B, BD543C, BD545B, BD545C, BD647, BD649, BD651, BD799, BD801, BD809, BD899, BD899A, BD901, BD951, BD953, BD955, BDT61A, BDT61B, BDT61C, BDT63A, BDT63B, BDT63C, BDT65A, BDT65B, BDT65C, BDT83, BDT83F, BDT85, BDT85F, BDT87, BDT87F, BDW23B, BDW23C, BDW41, BDW41G, BDW42, BDW42G, BDW43, BDW53B, BDW53C, BDW53D, BDW63B, BDW63C, BDW63D, BDW73B, BDW73C, BDW73D, BDX33B, BDX33BG, BDX33C, BDX33CG, BDX33D, BDX53B, BDX53BG, BDX53C, BDX53CG, BDX53D, BDX53E, BDX53F, BDX77, D44H11, D44H11FP, KSB601, KSB601-R, KSD560, KSD560-R, MJE15028, MJE15028G, MJE15030, MJE15030G, MJE802T, MJE803T, MJF122, MJF122G, MJF15030, MJF15030G, TIP101, TIP101G, TIP102, TIP102G, TIP121, TIP121G, TIP122, TIP122G, TIP131, TIP131G, TIP132, TIP132G, TIP141T, TIP142T, TIP41D, TIP41E, TIP41F, TIP42D, TIP42E, TIP42F or TTD1415B.
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