2SB1255-P Bipolar Transistor

Characteristics of 2SB1255-P Transistor

  • Type: PNP
  • Collector-Emitter Voltage, max: -140 V
  • Collector-Base Voltage, max: -160 V
  • Emitter-Base Voltage, max: -8 V
  • Collector Current − Continuous, max: -15 A
  • Collector Dissipation: 100 W
  • DC Current Gain (hfe): 5000 to 15000
  • Transition Frequency, min: 20 MHz
  • Operating and Storage Junction Temperature Range: -55 to +150 °C
  • Package: TO-3PF

Pinout of 2SB1255-P

Here is an image showing the pin diagram of this transistor.

Classification of hFE

The 2SB1255-P transistor can have a current gain of 5000 to 15000. The gain of the 2SB1255 will be in the range from 5000 to 30000, for the 2SB1255-Q it will be in the range from 8000 to 30000.


Sometimes the "2S" prefix is not marked on the package - the 2SB1255-P might only be marked "B1255-P".

Complementary NPN transistor

The complementary NPN transistor to the 2SB1255-P is the 2SD1895-P.
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